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UV Printing Direct 2 Substrate
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Direct to Substrate Printing

  •  Full Color Printing
  •  A Variety of Substrates
  •  Quick Turn Times
  •  Interior and Exterior Durable

From a standard design to something sensational,
IMS Printing & Signs can help you make the right impression.

You are not limited to "standard" sizes for any project you order. The products below are some popular ideas. If you don't see what you are looking for, please email

Chipboard 22x28

50pt board stock

Coroplast 10mm 48x48

Coroplast 10mm 48x96

Coroplast 4mm 24x18

Printed however it best fits on a sheet. If flute direction is important, please note that.

Coroplast 4mm 24x36

Coroplast 4mm 48x48

Dibond 48x96 Silver

Dibond 48x96 White

Foamcore 3/16" White 18x24

Foamcore 3/16" White 22x28

Foamcore 3/16" White 24x36

Foamcore 3/16" White 48x96

Lexan 3/16" white 48x96

Omega Lusterboard 1/2" White 48x96

Omega Lusterboard 1/4" White 48x96